How To Get Abs Fast And Easy: Best Exercises For A Flat Stomach

How To Get Abs Fast And Easy

Let’s face it, most of us have been thinking about getting a six pack at least once in our life. But unfortunately, with all the information around it can get very confusing as to what things to do to get a six pack, or what diet to go after. Whether you’re aiming towards being healthy, looking stunning on a beach, feeling good about your body, or just looking for tricks to get abs we got you!

Add Cardio To The Routine

The health benefits of cardio have been proven in numerous studies. Cardiovascular exercises, such as running, jumping, swimming, are those that higher your HR (heart rate). During the high heart rate your body burns the most amount of calories which is one of the good ways to get abs.

When doing cardio, you need to keep your heart rate at a given level throughout the session. This is important for maintaining heart health and achieving your training goal. Nowadays there are a lot of electronic watches on the market that will help you track your HR.

You can find a lot of different cardio equipment at your local gym, such as treadmill, step machine, fitness bike, elliptical, etc. If the treadmill seems like a boring option, try dancing. It is the fastest way to get a six pack at home while having fun. Switch on your favorite tunes and just let yourself go. That’s the easiest way to get abs while also releasing endorphins for a good mood.

While cardio training is beneficial for a large number of people, it should still be performed with caution. For example, it is not recommended to engage in this activity if you have diabetes, cardiac diseases, asthma, or if you are in a post-infarction state. Consult your doctor prior to the workout to make sure cardio is a right option for you.

Try HIIT Workout

Things To Do To Get A Six Pack

HIIT workouts have been at the top of fitness trends for several years. They are very popular because they fit perfectly into the rhythm of modern life and give quick and noticeable results.

This abbreviation, cryptic for many, stands for “high-intensity interval training”. It is probably the best way to get abs fast. This activity alternates short intervals of high-intensity workout with recovery. A short, intense workout stimulates the body to burn excess fat for up to 48 hours after exercising.

Begin doing HIIT if you have already mastered classic cardio training as this type of workout is demanding, and might be too much for the weak cardiovascular system.

There are many examples of such six pack abs training as HIIT. Cycling with a fast acceleration followed by a regular ride. The same applies to swimming – acceleration for 20-30 seconds, then regular swimming to restore breathing and pulse.

Ab-Specific Workouts

What exercises are good for abs? Some of the six pack abs training exercises that will make the figure fit are Russian twist, plank, and vacuum. These exercises involve the abdominal muscles. Focusing on them during workouts will help you achieve a good result.

Russian Twist

How To Get Abs Fast

Twists are great for the upper abdomen. Sit on the floor and lift your torso and legs making a V-shape. Twist your torso from side to side. Start with 2 sets 20 times each, increasing it over time up to 30 times. Russian twists for abs help you build strength and get great results.

This exercise is not recommended for pregnant women and during the entire recovery period after childbirth. It is not suitable for women with gynecological problems, too. Avoid doing Russian twists if you have posture disorders or spinal injuries.


Doing the plank will not require much of you, however, the results will be significant. Plank does not involve physical activity. It resembles the starting position for push-ups on outstretched arms while trying to hold on for a certain time. Plank helps build the body’s endurance by working out muscles. It is also suitable for both pros and beginners.

A long plank is not as effective as a few short sets. Trying to keep your body up as long as possible is useless for your health.

Remember, plank should not be done during pregnancy or any back injury. Also, do not do the plank if you have a tendency to high blood pressure.


Vacuum is one of the greatest ways to get abs at home. Anatomically, the transverse abdominal muscle, which is involved in the vacuum exercise, performs the function of a frame-belt and runs along the abdomen from left to right. It holds the internal organs. If it is weak and stretched, the stomach will often be very visible, even if you are skinny.

Vacuum should be only performed on an empty stomach. You can’t even drink water beforehand – the stomach should be empty; this is the only way the exercise will be effective.

Lie on your back with your arms along your body. Keep all the muscles relaxed. Exhale deeply, emptying your lungs of air. Next, begin to tighten your abdominal muscles, trying to pull it in more. You don’t need to breathe. Fix the position for 10-15 seconds, then inhale without relaxing your stomach. Tighten the abdominal muscles for 10-15 seconds and bring in the stomach again, while maintaining muscle tension. Relax and exhale, take a few breaths in and out.

What is the most effective way to get abs if not workouts that are focused specifically on abs, right? These alone, however, will not be enough.

Nutrition Is The Real Way To Get Abs

fastest way to get a six pack at home

Here’s the first secret to six pack abs: it is mostly about your diet. Yes, hitting the gym every day is not as important as your eating habits.

Start with getting rid of food that has been heavily processed. That means no more chips, no more hamburgers, no more ice cream. Say goodbye to such convenient frozen meals, too. Most of it contains high amounts of sodium, which affects your blood pressure and causes heart diseases. TV dinners are also known for a low amount of nutrients.

Substitute all the junk food from your fridge to whole foods rich in nutrients and fiber. That will affect your appetite and control “bad” food cravings. Add meats like pork or lamb to your plate. They contain protein that promotes body healing and muscle building. Chicken, fish, and nuts are also a great source of lean protein.

Watch your calories intake. The deficit of those affects the amount of fat in your body. There are many apps made for your phone that make the count easier for you. Just log in all the ingredients or meals you have during the day, and the app will do the calories count for you. Some apps can even track your protein, fat, and carbs intake during the day, which is very helpful for someone who is serious about getting abs fast.

And don’t forget to hydrate! Start your day with a glass of water, and try not to feel thirsty during the day. 2 liters per day will support the metabolism.As you see, there are so many options on how to get abs fast and easy. Follow our tips on getting abs and stay fit!

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