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Learn How to Ollie

If you’re into skateboarding, you probably know about the trick called an Ollie. The ollie was coined by a cool skater named Alan “Ollie” Gelfand in the mid-1970s. This trick revolutionized the skateboarding world, not only because it allowed people to jump with the board without having to grab with their hands, but also because it unlocked many other movements and trick ideas that branch off of the basic jump.

If you want to become a pro skater or even just a skater who can hold their own at the skatepark, you’re going to need to know how to ollie. Thankfully, this ollie instructions guide will teach you how to ollie step by step. While these instructions will help you know what to do, you will need to practice with your board a few times before you really get the hang of it. From there, you can work on your ollie to make it the best it can be. Learning to ollie is like a right of passage, so do it ASAP to start getting to some of the more advanced and fun skateboarding tricks.

What Is an Ollie?

The skateboarding trick ollie is a move done on a skateboard where the skater uses momentum to get some air time by simply positioning and jumping with the board. The distinct motion of an ollie allows the skater and board to come off of the ground without any use of the hands to grab the board as it comes off of the ground. The legs and the momentum of the jump do all the work in this trick. The great thing about the ollie is that your feet and knees will be correctly tracking over the board when the jump is over so you can go right into skating or doing another trick. The ollie is the basic beginner step that inducts you into more advanced skating. To do an ollie properly is to begin your journey to accomplishing all different kinds of skate tricks. The ollie is the first step and the key to becoming a good skater or a professional if that is a goal you have.

Ollie for Beginners

Skateboarding Ollie Tips

Before getting into the ollie tutorial, it is important that you have a few basic skateboarding skills down first. You shouldn’t attempt to do an ollie if you’ve never stepped onto a skateboard before, or even if you don’t feel comfortable with pushing off, stopping and basic foot positioning on a skateboard. All of these things are easy to learn and get immensely better with just a bit of practice, but the practice is what you must do before you start learning how to do tricks like the ollie and any other beginner moves.

To push off, you simply use your foot to push off of the ground to help you get momentum to move forward on your board, while the other foot is firmly planted on the board. Once you’ve pushed off, you can put your foot back onto the board to skate around. To stop, put your back foot on the back edge of the board to make it touch the ground. The friction will stop the board from moving.

Ollie Foot Position

In order to figure out the easiest way to ollie, you’re going to need to have your feet in the right position. To start off, you want to have one foot in the front of the board right behind the front truck. The other food should be placed on the back of the board behind the back truck, so that you can use it to push the board off of the ground.

As you push the board off of the ground and the board gets some height, your front foot should slide from behind the front truck to in front of it. Then once you land, both of your feet should end up in a new position. The front foot should move a bit back from the peak height position to be right on top of the front truck and the back foot should slide a bit forward to be just touching the back bolts.

Ollie Basic Movement

How to Ollie

To start your ollie, push down with a lot of force and momentum from your back foot and feel the board touching the ground before you jump up with the rest of your body. It should feel like a rebound. To do this you are essentially pushing so much force down onto the back of the board in the beginning that as you quickly release that force both you and the board will move in the opposite direction: up into the air.

Once you release that back foot, quickly shift your front foot to allow the board to pass up into the air as you use your upper body to help move upward and over with the board. At the peak, your front foot will slide up to the top of the board. As you descend with the board, have your feet directly over the bolts and let your physical alignment help you brace for a smooth landing by having your shoulders over your feet instead of letting the torso go off to one side.

Skateboarding Ollie Tips

When attempting to land the ollie, make sure that you are letting your knees bend as you land so that it’s not a shock to your system and so that you are better prepared to keep skating after. If you’re having trouble getting it right, know that practice absolutely makes perfect, or at least practice makes progress.

Study some of the pro skaters doing ollies and try to emulate their technique. If you’re having a hard time getting off of the ground, think more about the forward momentum than the upward motion, making sure that you’re giving enough gas to the push off as you do so. With anything, it might not be perfect the first time around, but that’s what makes getting skate tricks so much fun.

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