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We’ll first take a look at the best restaurants in Oahu for special occasions, before moving on to more budgetary best places to eat Oahu for locals. In this guide, you will find the best food on Oahu for all cases of life.

Chef Chai

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  • Type of cuisine: Asian;
  • Specialized menu: suitable for vegetarians, for vegans, gluten-free;
  • Mealtimes: lunch, dinner, open until late.

After visiting you will try the best food in Oahu, an incredible experience from the service, food, and atmosphere. If this is your first time in this place, I recommend taking a “set” of the most popular dishes, this “set” is offered in two versions with and without wine. The meaning of this is that for an appetizer you will receive a wonderful set consisting of 5 different appetizers, which are portioned in the menu, + salad + main course of your choice (meat or fish) + dessert, and for this all you will pay about $ 60, if with wine, then about $ 95, but for each dish, you will be served a different wine and it is very tasty! It is difficult to attribute the cuisine of this restaurant to anyone type, rather it is fusion, where you must eat Oahu food.


best places to eat oahu for locals
  • Price range: $ 30 – $ 85;
  • Type of cuisine: modern;
  • Specialized menu: vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian friendly.

One of the best local restaurants in Oahu is Orchids. You will definitely enjoy the best food in Oahu if you stay here. The restaurant is located in the Waikiki-Oahu area, has a wonderful stunning view that will take your breath away, and the friendliest staff to greet you. It is recommended to sit down at a table right next to the beach, as there is also an impressive view. You will be able to watch the sunset over the ocean. If you can sit outside next to the beach, do so as the view is worth a million dollars. The food is delicious and the service is second to none. Head here if you don’t know what to eat in Oahu Hawaii and you want to sample delicious and quality food.


best food on oahu
  • Price range: $ 60 – $ 80;
  • Cuisine type: Japanese, American, seafood;
  • Specialized menu: suitable for vegetarians, for vegans, gluten-free.

Seafront fish restaurant with Japanese influences. Setting sun on the beach, excellent service provided by the owner Keiko. Sensational food and great wines. One of the best, if not the best, restaurants in Honolulu. Specializes in seafood, but there are several meat dishes. Service, surroundings, and views are unmatched.

You can choose nothing and just ask for a tasting menu with a lot of things to eat in Oahu. Seafood food is simply incomparable, you will not taste more delicious even if you have visited many places in the world. The selection and selection of wines are exceptional. You have to go to this restaurant to eat seafood. If you are a meat-eater, then the steaks in this restaurant will melt in your mouth, it is really worth the money.

Haleiwa Joe’s At Haiku Gardens

best food oahu
  • Price range: $ 10 – $ 40;
  • Cuisine type: American, seafood, Hawaiian;
  • Specialized menu: suitable for vegetarians, for vegans, gluten-free.

Another good restaurant from all other places to eat in Oahu Hawaii is Haleiwa Joe’s At Haiku Gardens. Lovely restaurant with phenomenal views of the gardens. Delicious cocktails, great food. Very friendly and attentive waiters. The place is quite quiet, relaxing, and tropical with torches, lagoons, and the majestic Koolau mountains in the background. Of course, the main attraction is food!Visitors are offered a huge selection of dishes from seafood to ribs. If you love ribs, the menu has some of the finest, juiciest ribs on the island! Be sure to try the garlic bread, salads, and desserts – they are delicious. You should definitely visit this amazing place to eat the best food in Oahu.

Hy’s Steak House – Waikiki

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  • Price range: $ 60 – $ 80;
  • Cuisine type: Japanese, Brew Pub;
  • Specialized menu: gluten-free meals.

Hy’s Steakhouse has been a tradition in Waikiki for over forty years and continues to be popular with visitors and locals alike, who want to eat best food in north shore Oahu. Offering a superb fusion of American, European, Hawaiian and Pacific cuisine. For those who value true food delight, join us for an unforgettable experience with our ever-changing international and seasonal cuisine and award-winning service.

USDA premium beef is aged and trimmed on-site for tender, aromatic steaks cooked on aromatic Hawaiian kiawe wood. This process preserves the tenderness and flavor of the meat while significantly reducing the fat content. The native Hawaiian tree Kiawe is cooked over an intense, even heat and complements the flavor of our fine beef.Long known for its dining best food Oahu, Hy’s serves classics like Caesar salad, warm spinach salad, and a variety of flambé dishes like Bananas Foster and Cherries Jubilee to your table.

53 By The Sea

oahu restaurant guide
  • Price range: $ 30 – $ 200;
  • Cuisine type: seafood, international, Hawaiian;
  • Specialized menu: gluten-free meals.

You still haven’t decided where to eat in Oahu? T’s at 53 bar focuses on fresh, handcrafted cocktails and adds a touch of sexy to the finish. Whether you enjoy a Classic Libation, Hawaiian Tiki Cocktail, Fine Spirit with a hand-carved ice sphere or just treating yourself to our Original Mocktails, our skilled mixologists will personally improve your favorite.

With Waikiki and Diamond Head as a backdrop, attention to detail continues with warm lighting, hardwood walls, luxurious upholstery, fresh flowers, and original artworks. T’s at 53 bar features an Italian-made Fazioli piano, said to be the “Ferrari of pianos”. Sit back, unwind and enjoy.

If you still don’t know where to eat in Oahu and it did not suit your taste or pocket, there is a wonderful solution for you.

In My Oahu Restaurant Guide, I Have Prepared the Top 5 Local Places to Eat in Oahu You Should Visit

best food in oahu

Piggy Smalls

Looking for a place with creativity? The interior of Piggy Smalls features an arch lit by flickering lights outside. Here you can taste the thick Hanoi egg coffee topped with a creamy egg white foam, as well as a crispy baguette stuffed with fatty meat slices, crunchy daikon, carrots, onions, oiled with spicy hoisin, and served with a fragrant bowl of broth and noodles. This is the best cafe on north shore Oahu food.

Leonard’s Bakery

For some delicious pastries, head to Leonard’s Bakery to satisfy your cravings.

Since 1953, Leonard’s bakery has been producing fresh, hot malasada, a Portuguese donut that is toasted golden on the outside and fluffy like a cloud on the inside. If you only get one (for some crazy reason), the classic malasada with a crust in granulated or cinnamon sugar is a popular choice and the best food on Oahu.

Otherwise, grab a Wes Anderson-style pink cardboard box and fill it with layers of malasada exploded with juicy fillings like haupia (coconut), guava, custard, and chocolate.


After arriving on Oahu, visit the Mitsu-Ken restaurant. It serves traditional Japanese seafood delicacies, boxes, and sets. These boxes are bought by a different target audience, they eat them during school lunches, going to the beach with friends, for a quick snack, or a light lunch. You must try the garlic chicken, it is finely chopped into pieces, two bites are added, mashed, fried until crispy, and covered with garlic frosting – it is deliciously delicious. You can see a lot of delicious options on the menu, but if you don’t feel like bothering, just order yourself a bento. You must try food in Oahu in Mitsu-Ken.

Izakaya Torae Torae

Torae Torae uses a creative approach in preparing izakaya main dishes. Let’s take as an example the donburi menu, which offers both standard chirashi and kaisen dong, complemented by amebi and buttered coins of ankimo, a monkfish liver known as sea foie. Bowl of Gluttony includes otoro and uni topped with jamaimo and slow-cooked egg. It is very interesting things to eat in Oahu, isn’t it? Also, Torae recently installed several tables in the parking lot, and takeaway food has become more convenient to deliver.

M by Chef Mavro

A bit of background, in March 2020, Jeremy Shigekane, who was Mavro’s executive chef, bought the restaurant from his boss (he was one of the early founders of Hawaiian regional cuisine). Then a pandemic hit the world. Fortunately, Jeremy was already planning on expanding the tasting menu of best food Oahu, surprisingly they were once the restaurant’s only offering and a little more basic. Now, you can taste perfectly prepared French-American bistro dishes, from steak tartare with ham and warabi or fiddlehead fern to beef stroganoff with tiny cremini mushrooms and local vegetables. The takeaway menu features items that need to be reheated, such as a slightly salted day’s catch, accompanied by a bright green shallot ginger sauce. If you are looking for takeout, be sure to add the cocoa nibs’ ulu (breadfruit) biscuits for dessert. You should definitely visit this place.

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