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Have you ever thought about the fact that you can save a lot of money and meet a thousand interesting people if you don’t stay in a hotel when you travel, but stay as a guest of someone else? It seems to you that it is very difficult and inconvenient, but in fact, it is not. There is a huge community of people who are willing to host travelers in their homes free of charge, and often even show the city. Couch surf co- one of the largest websites where you can find such people and gain unforgettable experience!

What Is Couch Surfing?

What Is Couch Surfing

Couchsurfing is a worldwide hospitality site. Many people have heard of it, many have checked it out, and some have even created an account there and occasionally experience the happiness of sending letters with requests for overnight accommodations.

Couch surfing meaning is something more than just a site where you can get a free place to sleep in a foreign country. It is, above all, a giant travelers` social network. People open the door of their home, their world, and their country to you in exchange for your history and communication. This is important because your quest is ultimately based on understanding this, consciously or not. is a huge guest resource that is developing year to year. It connects millions of travelers and explorers from around the globe. Its history goes back to 2000. American guy Casey Fenton had a fortune to buy a cheap plane ticket to Iceland. That was the first couch surfing Europe experience. However, he didn’t have enough money for booking a hostel and he did not want to live alone. That’s why he decided to send out letters requesting “sleepovers” to as many as fifteen hundred Icelandic students. He received several replies «surf my couch» from students, who were ready to give Fenton a roof over his head, but also showed him not a touristy Reykjavik, but a lively, youthful, and a real one. Impressed by this development, Casey decided that such a wanderlust system could be spread around the world. The couch surfing site became available to all comers in 2004.

The idea of the site is to create the possibility of intercultural communication and exchange in a friendly and informal atmosphere, sharing experiences in different spheres of life. Besides, when you communicate with people from other countries, different cultures, and nationalities, it becomes possible to look at the local problems from a completely different perspective. You may think about how much does Couchsurfing cost, however, it was created not as a business project, but more voluntarily. Couchsurfing allows you to know the culture “from the inside”, to feel and see real life. Talking to natives inhabitants, you may learn a lot about the country you plan to visit, its culture, customs, and history than from any guidebook.

How does couch surfing work?

How does couch surfing work?

Registration on the site is free and takes no longer than 5 minutes. Just after the registration is done, you can use all the functions available on the site. We recommend filling in as much as possible information in your profile as it will be used to decide whether you can be trusted and be invited and hosted at someone’s place or not. You can also verify your profile by specifying your address and transferring money as a donation, the so-called couch surfing cost. Verifying your profile proves that you are a real person and that greatly increases trust in you and your credibility. If you don’t want to verify your account and pay money, you can still use couch surfing free of charge, search for a couch and invite travelers to your place.

If you are the owner of the apartment, you can be a host (someone who provides a couch – a “sleepover”) and invite someone to stay in your apartment (accept requests). If you want to become a surfer (someone who is looking for a place to stay), you can send a request and ask for accommodation.

Couchsurfing users are helping each other on a mutual respect basis, it is assumed that you are not only acting as a surfer, but also as a host. But, if you can’t host, you will not be banned from using the site, you will be able to search for accommodations or just company to pass the time.

How to couch surf and find a host?

How to couch surf

To find your perfect host, you can use a big variety of filters on the site. You need to select the city, the date of arrival, and departure and briefly describe yourself, your interests, and the purpose of the trip. The searching engine can even help you to filter age and gender. You may put a request to stay only with the host who can speak your language. Once you found the right host, you should send a personal request to them. In such a request it is better to briefly describe who you are, why you want to visit a particular city, and why you chose that host. The possibility to get a reply highly depends on your profile, user reviews, and what you have written to the host.

When looking for a host, remember that Couchsurfing isn’t just about free housing, it’s also about interesting people. So you have to interest the host to get you accepted. Having some common interests with the host may increase the chance of a successful and joyful stay. If the host responded with a positive answer, you can exchange your contacts and arrange how you can meet. Some people want to get some money for a stay, it is kind of a couch-surfing job. They take less money than hostels take and they warn about it in advance.

If you want to host someone, set your preferences to say you are willing to host and just wait for users to send you requests. Also, you can take the initiative to invite people who are looking to sleepover in your city, to do so you need to go to your city page and see who is looking for a place to stay. If you can not host travelers in your home but are willing to show them around the city, then mention this on your personal page.

How to use couch surfing safe and sound?

couch surfing safe

Trust and mutual assistance are the pillars on which this community is built around, so no one can promise you full safety and guarantee. However, to avoid the likelihood of getting into unpleasant situations, you can search for people with the profile verification, which we have mentioned earlier. As well, on the site exists a special system of reviews: Couchsurfing users can share their personal opinions about the stay or about the person they’ve hosted. All users can see and read the reviews on other user’s profiles. Also, try to carefully read the profile of the person to get to know him better, where he or she has been, what are their interests, and so on. Do not trust a person with an empty profile and no reviews. Our experience of Couchsurfing. Our first date with Couchsurfing was in 2017. We first used the network for couch surfing Australia. We were so impressed by our first experience – free housing in the Australian capital, meeting and communicating with native inhabitants, walking through non-touristy places. We were infected by the idea, and after we went couch surfing Sydney. Since then it is hard to remember at least one trip when we would not have used guest networks. For how much is Couchsurfing popular around the world? The community counts more than 6 million users, basically, you may find a host in every city and even a small town!

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