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Well, a souvenir for mom, a dress for yourself, that gorgeous plate, or Michelangelo and the museum? This is roughly how a person who misses the travel budgeting template looks like. To avoid falling into such a trap, we advise you to think about expenses in advance. Surprisingly, most of the expenses you will be able to predict before you leave. Before each trip, we advise you to calculate an approximate travel budget to prepare the right amount in advance, to think about what you can pay by card, and how much cash you should have with you. In this article, we will tell you about the basic principles of planning a budget for any trip. So, stay with us to know more travel budgeting tips!

How to make a travel budget?

travel budgeting

Making a plan

Think about your trip down to the smallest detail. Take a notebook and write down your plan by day, listing all the places you want to visit, activities you want to do, and other entertainment you plan to do. Make sure you know how to get to the places you want. The next step is to consider the way of transportation within the country you plan to visit, how often you will need it and what the price is. All this information you may find on the official websites of Public Transport of the cities. Then, calculate how many tickets to museums you need to buy.

That is how vacation travel budgeting starts. Make a list of purchases and souvenirs. Decide how often you will eat at a cafe or restaurant. Find out if there are supermarkets and bakeries near your place of residence. Based on the planned activities, you can easily calculate all budgeting vacation travel expenses.


Almost all travelers adore the «all-inclusive» vacation, which makes it very easy to calculate budgeting for travel. You imagine that if your hotel has the «all -inclusive» service, it remains to take funds only for transportation and incidental expenses. However, you should know before budgeting for international travel, that there are cases in the UAE, for example, where you are often required to leave a deposit, which will be returned during the check-out procedure.

Find out if the hotel has a tourist fee or tax. In many European capitals and resort cities, hotels charge a city tax. This money goes to maintain and develop the city and tourist infrastructure. You usually pay the tax at the reception desk upon arrival, so read the hotel information carefully – the daily tax should be listed in the description. All these services are free of charge and financed by taxes paid by travelers. Therefore, booking a hotel, it is necessary to specify all nuances beforehand, probably they will be small, but it will help you to know the precise travel budgeting.



Focus on the average check-in cafes, restaurants, bars. With any type of accommodation, food is a big part of the budgeting travel expenses. Even if you’ve booked the all-inclusive, full-board hotel, you’ll probably want to spend the evening at a local authentic restaurant.

Coffee and a bun, a tantalizing dessert, or a romantic dinner – money for food slips out of your wallet and it’s a good idea to estimate in advance what it will cost. You can search for information on tourist forums, on TripAdvisor, or ask friends, but the variation in prices will probably be significant: some prefer trendy expensive places, someone important to the local color, and some even do with fast food.


Budgeting for long term travel, surely you will need some transportation. Find out how much transportation costs. Passes can save you up to 20 percent on fares. Also, many major cities have travel cards with unlimited rides and discounts on sightseeing, bicycle and car rentals, and other services.

And don’t forget to download several cab ordering apps so you can compare prices and choose a good fare on the spot.

The real-life case: the Barcelona Card Tourist Card allows you to use public transportation in Barcelona without restrictions. The pleasant bonuses include free entry to many museums, discounts on tours, and car rentals. The cost of the card depends on the term of validity: a three-day card costs 45 euros (convenient for short-term budgeting travel), a four-day card – 55, a five-day card – 60. You can buy the Barcelona Card on the official website or at the city’s points of sale.

Excursions and attractions

While budgeting for travel, it is better to make a list of places you want to visit right away, check prices on official websites, and even buy a ticket online. This way you’ll save time on queues, you’re more likely to get a discount, and you’ll cut out the expense right away. Sometimes museums have open door days and you can get into exhibitions for free. Find out about it in advance and don’t miss this opportunity. In Rome, for example, the Vatican Museum is free every last Sunday of the month.

Souvenirs and shopping

Souvenirs and shopping

Put the cost of souvenirs into your budget. This is where reviews on travel forums and popular guidebooks can help. Only from experienced tourists, you will learn that buying souvenirs in the stores near Sagrada Familia is an unforgivable spender, but closer to the square of Pablo Neruda, the prices for the same things are much lower. When thinking about how to budget for a trip, make a list of friends, relatives, and colleagues whom you want to bring a gift from your trip.

This way you won’t forget anyone, and it will be easier to calculate the number of gifts.

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