Top Secrets How to Stay Warm in a Tent: Adventure Lovers Will Love These Tips!


Today, with the coronavirus reality, many people are engaged in active tourism within the countries. They go hiking in the woods, climb mountains, or pitch campsites on the banks of rivers or lakes. If tourists decide to spend more than one day on a hike in a tent, they need to know that nights, even in summer, can be very cold. And what can we say about winter? That is why you need to use some tricks that will help you stay warm in tent and sleep comfortably.

To stay warm while camping in a tent can be easier than you think!

How to Stay Warm in a Tent

When it’s cold, no hike is a joy. During the day you can endure the freeze while moving, with the shining sun it may be even hot. But with the night different story begins: you cannot sleep when it is cold, you tremble, curl up into a ball and count the minutes until dawn thinking how to warm up a tent. But there are proven tricks that will help you to keep a tent warm in cold weather and get a good night’s sleep, even if it’s freezing outside.

The first step you should undertake is to prepare for the cold in advance

Whether you’re hiking in the winter or off-season, tune in to the cold and choose the right gear. Right gear means suitable for specific conditions. Investigate the weather in the hiking area, especially nighttime temperatures. If you go to the mountains, be sure to take into account the height – so as not to be surprised later with the snow in September.

After that, pick up clothes and equipment

Secondly, choose wisely your campsite, read some basic natural phenomena to know how the weather can behave in different areas. You know from a school desk that hot air rises and cold sinks, so the valley, which can turn out to be a wind tunnel, may feel like the Arctic. It is better to pick a mid-elevation point and avoid high points as they are usually windy and dangerous.

How to stay warm in a tent?

How to stay warm in a tent?

You may think do tents keep you warm, but the answer is no because the tents themselves are not capable of providing the needed temperatures for a comfortable sleep-over. The perfect solution would be buying a tent-safe heater. We recommend using it few hours before sleep to warm up the tent and then to turn it off, because it may be dangerous to stay with the heater all night. Isn`t it the best way to stay warm in a tent? Continue reading to know more!

Another tip that we may give is to have separate dry clothes to change before sleep. One of the most awkward theories is that for staying warm in a tent you should sleep naked, however, we can assure you that keeping an extra set of clothes, which is dry and made for wintertime is a better idea. It is important to buy clothes made from wool or synthetics, as it keeps warm and does not let it go outside.

Do not forget about the sleeping bag! The sleeping bags are crucial for camping and there are bags, which are designed especially for the cold weather and which can assist you to keep warm camping in a tent. Do not economize while choosing a bag, it will pay off you later. Each producer of sleeping bags mentions the cold durability of the bag, so make sure your bag is rated for zero or minus zero degrees. If for some reason you have no proper bag- take a fleece liner in the sleeping bag. They could be thin (made of cotton or silk), and warm (made of fleece or other synthetic insulation like Thermolite). The first is used exclusively for hygienic purposes – so as not to stain the sleeping bag with dirty socks, for example. But the warm liners significantly increase the temperature, thanks to the material itself and the additional air gap between the liner and the sleeping bag.

Not least important – the role of the fire. You may ask how to make a tent warmer with the fire, then read further! A mandatory tradition of any campground is the bonfire. It is needed not only for cooking. Fire is a great way to keep warm. To breed it, you need to stock up on moisture-resistant matches or a fire-lighting kit prepared in advance. Tents should be pitched close to the fire but at a safe distance. Thus, the air and earth will be able to warm up well. There is a proven way to stay warm at night. You can put your tent on the fire. How to do it? The ground is cleared of branches and snow (if any). A small hole is dug with a depth of 20-25 centimeters. A fire is kindled in it, which should burn out for a sufficiently long time. When it goes out, you need to cover it with earth and wait about 30 minutes for the surface to cool down. Now you can put up a tent in this place. This is another way how to keep tent warm.

What else do you need to know to stay warm at night? Before going to bed, the body needs to be warmed up, for example, with physical exercises. It is important to take care not to sweat, as this can freeze you even more. Be sure to have a hearty meal. The stomach, when it digests food, gives out heat to the whole organism. To keep the body warm, it needs a certain amount of water. For an hour or two before bedtime, you should drink a little liquid. To keep warm as much as possible, sleep close to each other. Huddled together, our bodies begin to exchange heat, instead of wastingly giving it into the air.

Of course, there are more ways of keeping warm in a tent, professionals have their own true and tested methods, however with the list of tips mentioned here, it will be easier for you to get packed for your adventure!

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